For the first time ever, KBS is adding a Driver/Wood shaft to the KBS product line. The KBS TD is a lighter and stiffer Driver/Wood shaft with characteristics of the original KBS feel. It is the perfect complement to our already proven performance-driven line of golf shafts now fitting your entire golf bag.

“The KBS TD is the culmination of my years of shaft design being put into the most exciting club in your bag. The KBS TD will change the way you look at Driver/Wood shafts.” – Kim Braly

The KBS TD Driver/Wood Shaft is a lighter and stiffer Driver/Wood shaft that has the characteristics of the original KBS feel, efficiency, and optimization of spin and launch that the KBS product line is known for. It is a Mid Launch/Low Spin Performance Graphite golf shaft that optimizes the maximum performance and efficiency of spin and launch angles at various swing speeds.


  • Mid Launch/Low Spin
  • Tighter ball flight for more consistent dispersion and performance
  • Optimized Spin Rate /Launch for More Distance
  • Designed with KBS Butt to Tip Energy Transfer Performance
  • Higher Torque Stiffness
Shaft modelCategoryWeightLengthTorqueTip OD.Butt OD.Kick PointTip StiffnessTrajectory:
KBS 80TX DriverCategory 581462.90.338″0.600″HighStiffLow
KBS 70TX DriverCategory 572462.90.338″0.600″HighStiffLow
KBS 60TX DriverCategory 5634630.338″0.600″HighStiffLow
KBS 80X DriverCategory 480462.90.338″0.600″Mid HighFirmLow/Mid
KBS 70X DriverCategory 471462.90.338″0.600″Mid HighFirmLow/Mid
KBS 60X DriverCategory 4624630.338″0.600″Mid HighFirmLow/Mid
KBS 70S DriverCategory 370462.90.338″0.600″MidMedium/FirmMid
KBS 60S DriverCategory 361463.10.338″0.600″MidMedium/FirmMid
KBS 50S DriverCategory 350463.90.338″0.605″MidMedium/FirmMid
KBS 60R DriverCategory 260463.10.338″0.600″Low/MidMedium/SoftMid/High
KBS 50R DriverCategory 2504640.338″0.605″Low/MidMedium/SoftMid/High
KBS 40R DriverCategory 247455.10.338″0.605″Low/MidMedium/SoftMid/High
KBS 60A DriverCategory 160463.20.338″0.600″LowSoftHigh
KBS 50A DriverCategory 150464.20.338″0.605″LowSoftHigh
KBS 40A DriverCategory 146455.20.338″0.605″LowSoftHigh

Additional information

Shaft Flex

A Flex, R Flex, S Flex

Shaft Weight

40gm, 50gm, 60gm, 70gm

Shaft Colour

Red/White, Red/Black Matte, Red /Black Gloss


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