If you look within our website you will see any number of  our “Grip It & Rip It” Regripping kits.

Regripping your own golf clubs makes them feel like new. And it really it very simple and easy and a lot of fun. But most of all you can save yourself quite a lot of money


Regripping your golf clubs really is simple. It must be because if someone as totally impractical as me can do it thern anyone can. And with our simple “Grip It & Rip It” system, plus all the instruction you will ever need on YouTube and via Google, it really is kust like falling off a log.

And of course you can install any golf grip on our website on your clubs … Golf Pride, JumboMax, TackiMac, Pure Grips, Karma, Avon, Champ, Two Thumb Snuig Daddy, Winn, Iomic … any brand any model any size.



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