KRANK DRIVERS come to Australia

That is the KRANK USGA non-conforming model Extreme Double X and the conforming Extreme X Driver to start with.

We just placed our initial order for Krank Drivers, the longest hitting drivers in the world, and before it had left the USA we had to add to it because of website orders received. That is very encouraging.

. Before we committed to distributing them in Australia we tested both the KRANK Extreme X and the KRANK Extreme Double X non-conforming. KRANK says theirs are the longest hitting drivers in the world and we have to agree. For the average Aussie golfer going out on Saturday for a hit with mates, tell a few jokes, have a couple of beers … now if can get it out there 20 or 30  in front his mates who cares about USGA Conforming. We are playing golf with out mates to have fun.

We really look forward to about a week forward when our stocks of KRANK Drivers arrive in our warehouse and we can start really making this great product range available to all of our customers. It is a great product and puts real fun back into your game



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