PINHAWK Single Length Irons






Simply put, one length means one swing with top quality Pinhawk Single length irons

A conventional iron set has ½” length increments between each club. This means the player must learn different swing paths for each iron in the set. What’s more, ball striking consistency can be a major issue with a traditional, multi-length irons.

Pinhawk Single Length Irons are the solution to this problem. The clubs are all the same length throughout the entire set. That means swingweight and flex are also the same. This allows the golfer to use the same swing, on the same plane, with the same feel, for every iron in the set. The result? Greater consistency and ease-of-play, making the game of golf that much more enjoyable.

The set consists of 4 iron through PW plus GW and SW and available in any flex and with graphite or steel shafts plus top quality 3 year guaranteed made in USA Star grips. Available in both Right and Left Hand

Adding STING STOPPERS for free

To make your game more enjoyable we install STING STOPPERS in every steel shaft club we sell.
STING STOPPERS are designed to dampen vibrations from a golf shaft that make your wrists, shoulders, and elbows ache at the end of a round. Golfers with arthritis or other joint problems appreciate the benefits from these inserts.
Either way STING STOPPERS in your irons make your golf more enjoyable and more fun.




Additional information


Regular, Stiff, Ladies, Senior



Shaft Material

Steel, Graphite


9 irons 4-pw,gw,sw

Grip Size

Undersize, Standard, Midsize, Oversize


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