The Brolga Indigegrip putter grip by Indigegolf


The Brolga is a beautiful Australian bird – with the Brolga on your putter, you are sure to get many more birdies as your game improves.

Indigegolf has collaborated with Tourmark putter grips in the USA to bring a unique package of putter grips to the world stage – INDIGEGRIP – the “OUTBACK” putter grip range. Featuring “state of the art” physical characteristics and unique original Australian Indigenous art designed for each individual putter grip provides a range of grips like no others on the market.

Indigegrip putter grips will not only help improve your game, with the Indigegrip putter grip, you will be a “stand-out” on the golf course setting a trend and standard for others to follow. The technically advanced “state of the art” TourMARK patented chacteristics and unique Indigenous designs, are approved and sanctioned by golfers governing bodies around the world, and are suited to the touring professional, once a year golfer, or simply as a gift to clients, friends or family.

Once you try the Indigegrip putter grip your hardest decision will be – what design do I want next!

INDIGEGRIP – 30,000 years in the making


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