GIRI Range Finder Magnetic Mount Buddy


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The GIRI Range Finder Mount Buddy is a magnetic mount that easily attaches to your golf cart or your golf bag or pull buggy to make your rangefinder easily accessible and quicker to use on the course. No more taking it out of the case and then putting it back. Simply pick it up aim and shoot for the distance reading and in one hand move it is back in place.

  • Easily attaches to your golf bag or metal surface on your golf cart
  • Compatible with all magnetic rangefinders and GPS units
  • Superior magnet attach performance …..  “I had it set on the steering column of my cart. I actually forgot to put it away after playing golf and with the cart of my trailer I drove my car 20km before I remembered I had not put my GIRI Buddy away. When I looked it was still securely stuck to the steering column. That’s what I call magnetism”






















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