PURE COMBO … Latest grip innovation from Pure Gips. Pure’s Hybrid grip of moisture wicking and comfort textures with reduced taper in a colour range that will blow your mind in Pure’s 100% superior rubber compound for tapeless immediate use installation.



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PURE COMBO Golf Grip    


The NEW PURE Combo is Pure’s first reduced taper golf grip and it comes wit dual dual texture and +4 reduce taper bottom hand.                        This reduced taper golf grip was specifically designed to decrease pressure on the right-hand (bottom hand) and help square your swing at impact for a straighter, more accurate golf shot. The PURE Combo also features the moisture wicking PURE DTX texture (top hand) and the comfort texture PURE Pro (bottom hand). The aggressive PURE DTX texture on the upper hand of the PURE Combo allows for a softer hand and moisture wicking providing better control of your golf swing. The lower hand of the PURE Combo features the PURE Pro texture for more comfort and stability.  

  • Pure Grips are Injection moulded the most advanced and precise grip making technology
  • injection mould technology ensures that our grips provide exceptional durability and the best feel on the market.
  • Injection moulded grips gives exceptional unbeatable weight control … each grip within +/- 1gm essential for brilliant and consistent swingweighting of your clubs
  • Pure’s innovative technology gives Pure grips optimum feel and provide a high level of moisture and heat resistance that allows you to play your best in all weather conditions.
  • Pure Grips’ proprietary 100% rubber formula makes PURE Grips exceedingly durable in all weather conditions. The best formulations in the grip business.
  • PURE Grips’ installation requires no adhesive tapes or solvents.
  • Available in 3 Colour choices and two sizes (standard & midsize) (Midsize in PURE COMBO coming late 2022)


CORE SIZE:   .600 round (Standard)


Top Cap Bottom
Standard 1.02 in   |   25.9 mm 0.70 in   |   17.8 mm

  Weight variance +/- 1 gram


Weight N/A

Black, Blue, Red


Pure Grips






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