PURE OVERSIZE PUTTER GRIP  …. Quite simply a “great feeling”putter grip and a lot of people say putting is all about “feel”. A unique product with softness and tackiness unmatched in any other putter grip that makes for less grip pressure and better putting performance.

Not cheap but worth every cent !

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      • PURE Oversize Putter was engineered to increased control, comfortably, and performance on the green. The reduced taper design and substantial grip weight of the PURE Oversize Putter promotes a smooth pendulum-like swing and reduces the chances of unwanted wrist movement during putting strokes. The PURE Oversize Putter was crafted to encourage a more relaxed grip hold for better stroke accuracy and consistency.
    • TEXTURE & FEEL: Smooth and Tacky
    • WEIGHT:    122 GMS
    • TOP CAP DIAMETER  1.11 in | 28.2 mm
    • ONE INCH FROM BOTTOM 1.11 in x 1.00 in | 28.2 mm x 25.4 mm
    • CORE SIZE:  Oversize 0.580 in




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