Tacki-Mac Velvet CL White In-Fill CORD Grips & DIY Regrip Kits




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Tacki-Mac Velvet CL CordGrips – long Lasting High quality Golf Grip

The Tacki-Mac Velvet CL Grips are a re-grip kit you wont be disappointment in

  • Tacki-Mac Tour Select White In-Fill, highest quality
  • White In-Fill gives an old fashioned classic look
  • Full-Cord surface provides a secure grip with great moisture wicking properties
  • Long lasting and stays comfortable with proper grip maintenance
  • Less aggressive pattern
  • Comes in a range of sizes to suit every golfer … Standard, Midsize & Jumb
Regripping Kit options include OUR SIMPLE TO USE 13 OR 9 CLUB Aussie Made GIRI REGRIPPING KITS…
  • 13 or 9 Tacki-Mac Velvet Feel CL Cord grip of your size choice
  • 13 or 9 Double Sided Tape strips
  • 120ml spray applicator of “Grip IT” spray golf grip adhesive
  • Vice Clamp
  • Easy to follow regripping instructions

View our re-gripping blog post Here

Size reg

Jumbo, Midsize, Standard

Grip kit size

13 Club Set, 9 Club Set, Individual Grip/s





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